Corona Boston VI: Less Cars, More People

What a great day, for most of us. City was bright blue, clear, slightly warm. Perfect walking weather. For a Friday rush hour, it seems more quiet than the week prior. Except, more people escaped their voluntary prisons than previous days, for a well deserved stretch. Walked through Government Center, through Boston Common, up Newbury St., back down Boyl, and finally back home.

Coronoa Boston V – Empty Streets 3.36.2020

Today I took a walk around the waterfront, into Seaport. Today may have been the most quiet and spooky yet. I got out a bit later than usual, just at the end of what rush hour used to be, where the city streets would still be buzzing with traffic and hasty commuters taking the late train home. Tonight, it was just a sea of concrete with little liveliness to be seen.

Corona Virus IV – 3.25.2020

Still a silent city, but this day seems to have brought out a few more than the last few days. Definitely more traffic on the roads, as well as people — but still way under normal rush hour levels, by a hundred times at least (or more). Still, a spooky scene, and that’s the best word to describe this. Spent a little time in Charlestown and then back to West End on the way back.

Corona Virus III – Boston Chill Hour

Today’s rush hour was still light, but a bit more energetic than yesterday’s. Since the sun was out, many more people poked out of their caves to get some long awaited exercise. In a way, it was a peaceful environment. I walked around Beacon St., Public Garden, around the Theatre District, through Chinatown and up Atlantic Ave.

Corona Virus In Boston II

Monday, March 23 2020. It started out sleety, then just melted into a light misty rain. Eventually, it decided to become an annoying cold drizzle. Not too many people out and about this rush hour evening. Of course, weather didn’t help. We stayed locked inside our homes…

Corona Virus Silences Boston’s Rush Hour – 3.20.2020

Friday evening in downtown Boston is always filled with bustle and hustle. Except this one. Is this going to the the new short-term normal? Walking around from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, I capture a city in hibernation. A people working to stay healthy by staying away from each other.