Corona Walk Part Something

So many walks, I now forgot where I left off. But, the sun is bright, people are out, traffic is 20% where it was, and there is still life even though the news wants you to think everyone’s dropping like flies. Enjoy the life you have, don’t live in fear. Take a walk!

Coronoa Walk XIII: 4.28.2020

I missed a couple, will post the crappy photos I got eventually from the other walks. But I am noticing more and more people and traffic. Now, we’re not back to the normal rush hour (no, this is not a new normal — ignore that propaganda). However, people are becoming more comfortable living “life” again, as the spring advances and the risks decrease. Unfortunate there are some that want us to believe otherwise…

Corona Walk IX: 4.14.2020

Took another walk. About a month into voluntary house arrest, and today’s walk demonstrated people are getting tired of it. So many people out, it was a great sight to see. Of course, the fact it was close to a perfect spring day helped. No pesky virus is going to keep Bostonian’s cooped up on a pleasant spring day.

More Corona Lockdown VIII: 4.5.2020

What a great spring day. We still see lots of empty streets, but activity did seem slightly higher than usual. A fair amount of people out for walks. More masks… never thought I’d see this in America. But in a way, it almost seems like people were enjoying them selves more, even for their afternoon strolls and workouts. An odd and eerie peacefulness to it all.

Corona Boston VI: Less Cars, More People

What a great day, for most of us. City was bright blue, clear, slightly warm. Perfect walking weather. For a Friday rush hour, it seems more quiet than the week prior. Except, more people escaped their voluntary prisons than previous days, for a well deserved stretch. Walked through Government Center, through Boston Common, up Newbury St., back down Boyl, and finally back home.

Coronoa Boston V – Empty Streets 3.36.2020

Today I took a walk around the waterfront, into Seaport. Today may have been the most quiet and spooky yet. I got out a bit later than usual, just at the end of what rush hour used to be, where the city streets would still be buzzing with traffic and hasty commuters taking the late train home. Tonight, it was just a sea of concrete with little liveliness to be seen.